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Our Investment Capabilities

We all know that in order to build your wealth, you need to invest. If you don’t invest you could be missing out on huge opportunities to increase your financial worth.

One of the safest investments you can make is an investment in real estate with the guidance and experience of our team at Beechwood Pinnacle Hotels. Real estate is a physical asset that creates immediate equity, and it can’t be lost or stolen. When purchased, developed, and managed with care, it can easily be one of the safest investments you’ll make.


hotels managed

600 +

associates employed at our offices

2100 +

rooms offered to our guests


experienced partners

“I have been an investor with Beechwood Pinnacle Hotels for many years. They have always acted with integrity and have always been transparent in their business dealings.”

Dr. Pravin Patel, Hernando, MS
BPH Investor

Interested in Becoming an Investor?

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